And I am back

It has been a busy few months. A short vacation to the other side of the world. Little progress on the job front. But now i am back with more energy then ever. Ready to push my way to a higher position and expand my views and my exposure.


Just came across a quite interesting and eye opening video. It is worth the 18 minutes. entitled: Religion, Evolution and the ecstasy of self-transcendence.

Internal Political Struggle

Today started as a normal crazy weather day that we all have been experiencing in the United States lately. But after breakfast i started listening to this weeks Common Sense with Dan Carlin. I tend to agree with him on many issues, and then i decided to take a break and view the Obama Campaign’s new documentary 

It was moving and interesting and did remind me of all the good things that have moved forward under this president. And i do believe this president to be an honorable man and a good leader. But i also know that under every administration no matter what party they are a part of. There are bad ideas and bad moves that are made. 

I know the 2nd amendment groups are not for President Obama. I have been told that Obama is against the second amendment and anti gun. of Which i am sure some statements are true and some are untrue. I lack substantial knowledge to comment to much on this so i will let you feed our brains with links and knowledge.

One thing is for certain, the governmental system has been corrupt and broken for many years. And we as a country have to raise up and make our elected leaders understand what we feel and believe. So they may respond more directly, they are our leaders. They must set an example of a model citizen, law abiding, honorable and truthful. 

I hope my little ramble for today has helped bring a few thoughts shooting through your brains.

Violation of Constitutional Rights?

I ran across several blog postings by Cnet and All Facebook which have stirred my pro constitutional rights self at its base. Ive added links to this posting if you wish to read them for yourselves before hearing my little ramble.

This seeming violation of the 12 girl’s constitutional rights through the use of excessive authority force and intimidation is sadly unsurprising. No matter what the girl may have posted on the social network in question. If a parent came across such a posting, communicating with said girls parents would be the first appropriate step. If the posting was of such high concern that law enforcement was required then a visit from a deputy may to the girls parents would be in order.

Not a meeting with a school counselor and a deputy alone with out any parent! It is my opinion that the  use of such force to gain access to said personal accounts is unconstitutional. The American Civil Liberties Union is said to have filed suit on behave of the student stating the violation of her First and Fourth Amendment rights.

I am sure that cases such as this have been going on for a long time and will continue to do so until more individuals become aware and maintain there rights.

How do you feel about this story? I am sure we are still missing some pieces of the story but so far it seems to me that the school district is in the wrong. Any other views are more then welcome. Comment, Share and Spread the information!



Bodh Gaya

A little Background

To help you get familiar with the state of my mind here are a few attributes. I was born in Germany, moved to the united states and am currently residing in Iowa. I am  newly on the Buddhist path. A Computer Networks and Security Graduate. I am pro Linux and as of this post i am working toward my CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). Currently unemployed, seeking computer based employment. I have spent endless hours providing tech support to family, friends and complete strangers. i consider myself a constitutional conservative and a social liberal, however i am not quite sure that can be politically correct. A little bit for you to work over. :)


The Beginning….

Dearest Reader,

Today I am starting a new page in my online life. using this tumbler to bring forth opinions, politics, decisions, life issues, humor and everything else i deem to be post worthy. I wish for you to join me on this journey and for you to join in the conversation with ANY opinion that you may have.